Battery Energy Storage System Service

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Battery energy storage solutions can greatly improve business performance with safe, efficient and secure energy storage – from conventional power generation, transmission and distribution, and renewable power, to industrial and commercial sectors.

Many business are facing issues such as rising energy demand, limited site capacity, waste of regenerated energy and intermittent renewables regeneration, making battery energy storage an important part of any energy strategy. Battery energy storage solutions have the potential to enhance business value across the energy value chain and support a diverse range of applications including firming renewables production, stabilising the electrical grid, controlling energy flow, optimising asset operation and creating new revenue.

Why Choose Us

Solarthon provides a wide range of expertise and a comprehensive one-stop service from design, build and implementation. We work with our customers to develop fully integrated energy storage solutions that help them meet their goals. Unlike other product manufacturers, we are not bound by a single brand, so we can offer a wide range of reliable options for batteries and components that cover different scenarios. Combined with our decades of experience and strong partnerships within the industry, we specialise in delivering flexible and customised solutions that meet the unique needs of every customer.

Benefits to Customer

Battery energy storage solutions integrate across the grid to help customers do more than they ever thought possible: dispatchability and predictability of renewables can be increased, additional revenue streams for development can be created, and regenerated power in motor braking can be captured and utilised. Our solutions can improve integration and enhance the utilisation of renewable energy generated

Key Features

Solarthon provides the following services:

  • One-stop service for customers covering design, build and implementation.

  • Integration of renewable energy installations.

  • User friendly battery management systems.

  • On-going technical support and maintenance.

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