Solar Pump system application case

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Solarthon produced solar pump system exported to Malaysia, and works very well, help farmers to irrigated farmland successfully.

At the past, it was very hard for farmers to irrigate the farmland, because the farmland is far away from house, there is no electric wire near the farmland, and farmers need to make very long wires to power the electricity pump, it is very complicated.Therefore, crops have low yields due to drought and lack of timely irrigation. Furthermore, It will spend a lot of electricity, will be high cost.  

Now they install the solar pump system, it is totally powered by solar energy, no need pay any electricity bill, saved a lot of money for farmers. And the installation is very simple, just fixed the solar panel on the ground(like picture show), then connect controller and pump, it will work on the daytime. We do not only supply the solar pump, but also provide technical support for installation and maintain with the detail instructions.

No need connect electric wire, and no need pay the electricity bill! Energy saving and environment friendly, why do not choose solar pump system?

Except solar pump system, Solarthon also produce solar system for home use and industrial use, also provide project solution with solar lamps,welcome your inquiry!


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