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8W Small Solar Panel Inverterv with Battery And Panel

1.Small solar panel battery inverterv use automotive grade gel battery, charge and discharge cycle more than 1000 times;
2.The solar battery inverterv support charging while discharging, no matter which method you use to charge this small system;
3.Equipped with more DC ports than others, it is more convenient to charge your devices at the same time;
4.The input port size is 5.5*2.1mm, which can match most solar panels.
5.We recommend to choose ours small solar panel battery inverterv, it has a direct welding power cord with a 5.5*2.1mm port, which is more efficient. 23% higher conversion efficiency than other products.
  • 0336

  • solarthon

  • Built in lamp 4W,6000K

  • 3W bulb 3pcs,with 4m cable, 6000K

  • 9V 3W Polycrystalline,5m cable

  • Lead-acid battery 6V 4AH

  • 6-8 hours

  • 20-24 hours

  • 160 lm/w

  • 5V 1A 1pcs

  • C110/220V 50/60Hz

1.Small solar battery backup inverter system use high quality solar panel,20% of light conversion full charge in about 6-8 hours.Upgraded high-capacity,365 days of range with recharge and discharge protection.

2.Small solar battery backup inverter system upgraded high-capacity,365 days of range with recharge and discharge protection.


P/N Product Description Packing Size (CM)
0336A08-02 8W Solar Power System
LED Lamp: Built in lamp 4W,6000K
LED Bulb: 3W bulb 3pcs,with 4m cable, 6000K
Solar Panel: 9V 3W Polycrystalline,5m cable                                  
Battery Type: Lead-acid battery 6V 4AH
Charging time: 6-8 hours          
Discharging time: 20-24 hours                                    
LED: 160 lm/w
USB Output: 5V 1A 1pcs
AC Charge:AC110/220V 50/60Hz
Material: PVC+PC
Product Size: 172*126*76mm
Warranty: 1 years
57.50 37.00 34.00


Products Description

Supporting one-stop procurement, our product categories are complete;  There is a specialized production line with guaranteed quality;  Batch purchase supports OEM/ODM and provides professional installation guidance.  Welcome to contact us!



A. Are your inverters pure sine wave output?

Q: A Yes, All are true pure sine wave.

A: What kind of output you can do?
Q: Normally we produce inverter with 110V 115V 120V 220V 230V 240V, 50/60Hz self-adaption. If you have special requirements, please tell us for engineer consulting.

A: What' s the difference between low frequency and high frequency inverter?

Q: Low frequency inverter has various protections, strong ability to adapt to the environment. more reliable, with voltage regulation.

A: What's the difference between pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter?
Q: Pure sine wave output inverter is just as good as the Public power grid. Even better. Low repaired rate, long lifespan, Without harmonic pollution,  enviromental-friendly and appliances protected.
Modified sine wave output has a negative impact on appliances and can't load inductive load, such as air contition, refrigerator and etc. Certain motor control circuits don't like the modified wave.

A: What appliances your inverters can load?
Q: Our inverter can be used in household, Office, agricultural appliances and other inductive load such as refrigerator, air conditioner, water pump, etc.

A: Can you print our company logo on inverters, nameplates and packaging?
Q: Yes, we accept OEM orders.

A: How to choose a right inverter?
Q: Tell us your demand, then our sales will recommend a suitable inverter to you.

A: How to solve the technical problem?
Q: 24 hours after-service consultancy just for you and to make your problem to solveeasily.

A: Do I Need A Power Inverter?
Q: Actually, no. This is the only component of a solar energy system that is not absolutely required. However, if you don't use one, you will not have 220 or 230 volts AC and will have use battery power alone. This might be acceptable in a small RV or cabin, but most people want to use normal AC appliances.

A: What's The Difference Between 12, 24, And 48 Volt Inverters?
Q: This refers to the input voltage from the battery bank. The main consideration is that at higher voltages the current is less so that you can use smaller wires between your solar panel array and your battery bank. Of course, when you decide on a system voltage, the Solar Panels, Inverter, and Battery Bank all need to use the same voltage.

A: What to do if the product is broken?
Q: If any product is faulty, you can send the picture or video to us, we sill study it and supply the spare parts of PCB board free for after sale service.

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