Zero-carbon Technology Enabling - Solar Powered Industrial And Commercial Energy Storage System Global Power!

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In the context of carbon neutrality, the large-scale access of new energy to the market, the increase of impact on the grid, the stable connection of new energy to the grid requires the installation of peak regulation and frequency modulation devices, and the effective operation requires the support of a new power system. Therefore, solar power industrial and commercial energy storage system is a combination of solar technology and energy storage technology system, designed to meet the power needs of industrial and commercial areas, while achieving the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce electricity costs.Contact us

At the same time, with the continuous development of various emerging industries, its power consumption in China's electricity structure accounts for an increasing proportion. In this context, energy storage will also play its role as a backup/power supply to enhance power supply reliability and prevent accidental power outages. The energy storage system  can improve the economy, low carbon and energy saving of power operation in different scenarios through mechanisms such as peak cutting and valley filling and capacity allocation.


This system is mainly composed of photovoltaic modules, optical storage units, batterypacks, loads and so on. In the case of light, the photovoltaic module array converts solar energyinto electricity, and supplies power to the load through the light storage unit, and can also chargethe battery pack. When there is no light, the battery pack supplies powerto the load through theall-in-one machine to ensure continuity of power supply.

The role of industrial and commercial energy storage systems is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, improve the self-use rate of photovoltaic through energy storage technology, thesystem can store excess electric energy in the period of sufficient light for use in the period of insufficient light or peak hours of electricity consumption, thereby improving the utilization rate of photovoltaic power.

2, reduce electricity costs: industrial and commercial energy storage systems can reduce electricity costs through energy time-shift, peak-valley spread arbitrage and other ways, such as buying low-cost electric energy storage from the grid when the price is low, and providing it to the load when the price is peak or peak, thereby reducing electricity costs.

3.Demand management: When the load power consumption peaks, the industrial and commercial energy storage system can replace the transformer capacity, reduce the overall capacity demand of the transformer, thereby reducing the transformer expansion construction cost and the later fixed capacity electricity charge or large demand electricity charge.

4, backup power supply: For applications with high grid continuity requirements, industrial and commercial energy storage systems can be used as backup power supply to provide backup power guarantee for key continuous power loads and cope with sudden power outages.


Solar-powered industrial and commercial energy storage system is an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly power solution that provides strong power support for the industrial and commercial sectors and helps promote sustainable development and the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction goals.Contact us


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