Why we choose solar system ?

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Solar system is an off- grid solar generator,which is designed for providing stable and reliable  power to home and communities or areas without electricity . It’s convenient for home outdoor use ,for camping,barbecue, fishing , climbing,night market stalls,warehouse,

The solar system is very small ,very easy for movement and installation ,we could carry it anywhere we want ,and with reliable performance ,very suitable for situation require emergency power.

We adopt industrial master chip,large LCD display, built-in over current, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse connection protection, all self-recovery, no damage to the controller.

There are complete 3-stage PWM charging management, dual USB maximum current 2.5a, support various brands of mobile phone charging,4 DC12v ports, to meet various needs. With radio/Bluetooth /U disk and other playback functions, it also comes with 3 bulbs and 1 torch light. It can definitely meet our daily needs.

Do you want to know more details ? please feel total free to contact us.


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