What is solar panel roof??

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The solar roof is to install a solar power generation device on the top of the house, and use solar photovoltaic technology to generate electricity for family use or construction fields use, to achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection. In order to implement the world's energy-saving and emission-reduction goals, and strengthen policies to support the new energy economic strategy, relevant national ministries and commissions have launched a solar roof plan.

With the rapid progress of science and technology, human's ability to exploit traditional energy such as oil and coal has been rapidly improved. At the same time, the development of human society has an ever-increasing demand for these energies, while traditional energy sources pollute the environment and are non-renewable, which determines that human beings must look for clean, green, and renewable new energy sources to replace traditional energy sources, and solar energy is one such energy source,and put solar panel in roof is a smart solution. Each roof will be a small green power plant.

There are a lot of choice for you in roof solar panel, according to the type and the area of your roof, you can send us all of these information, we have professional engineer to customize the best roof for solar panels for your house, no matter you have a flat roof or sloping roof.

in roof solar panels,best roof for solar panels,solar roofing sheets

in roof solar panels,best roof for solar panels,solar roofing sheets

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