What is Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power System

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Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power System

PAYG is a technology which removes the upfront price barrier of Solar Home Systems (SHS), by allowing end users to pay in affordable amounts over time. This is accomplished by additional electronics, which enables or disables the SHS on request, achieving a top-up payment structure similar to mobile phones.

In order to make a PAYG system work, there is a locking /unlocking functionality that needs to be integrated on the hardware of the system. 

Secondly, a PAYG software backend is needed to track customer payments and offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions, which is offered by PAYG service providers. Depending on the chosen PAYG service provider, the backend also includes warehousing, service management and many other functionalities.



The PAYG market is growing strongly, enabling millions of people to access essential energy services. Currently for most systems, when PAYGO systems should be used for a project, the PAYG provider has to be selected and the corresponding software has to be installed in the battery box in the factory when the products are manufactured. A later change of the PAYG service provider is not possible, creating lock-in ecosystems.Paygo产品_02

How does it work?

Now a common communication interface between hardware and software is available on an open source base. The unlocking Tokens  are created based on cryptographic principles which is linked to unique security keys corresponding to each system, ensuring a high level of security and preventing fraud.

Open PAYGO Token customers can choose to switch PAYG provider even when the systems are in the field. It is also possible to receive PAYG systems and move them to non PAYG & vice-versa thanks to a specific token typed on the Keypad, integrated on the battery.Paygo产品_04

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