Solarthon Participated in The 135th Canton Fair: Full-category Photovoltaic Energy Storage Attack

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On April 15, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) in 2024 opened in Guangzhou. As an exhibitor, Solarthon has created a diversified new booth with photovoltaic energy storage business.

Compared with the previous session, the current Canton Fair has shown many new changes and new highlights, among which the adjustment of the exhibition area is particularly obvious and the area is larger. With the effective synergy of all categories, a series of energy storage photovoltaic products such as industrial and commercial storage, inverters, batteries, controllers, portable systems, and water pumps are fully exhibited, demonstrating Solarthon's innovation, product power and intelligent manufacturing hard strength. At the same time, it provides great convenience for customers to receive and negotiate, and provides one-stop solutions for buyers; The new booth image also made global buyers feel fresh and fresh, deepening the sense of trust and identity of Solarthon, and full of expectations for cooperation with Solarthon, which has become one of the milestones of Solarthon's participation in the Canton Fair.

At the Canton Fair, Solarthon was welcomed by customers around the world by exhibiting extreme product power and providing good user experience. On the first day of the fair, customers and friends came to negotiate. Polish entrepreneur Enzo said: Solarthon's research and development capabilities, product quality, brand image has changed greatly. The Canton Fair has also changed a lot, the area is getting bigger and bigger, the exhibits are getting better and richer. Solarthon and overseas customers two-way, the global market and "made in China" efficient docking

Facing the huge market opportunity for solar and energy storage worldwide, Solarthon is rapidly advancing its new energy business. At the time of the rapid development of the household distributed photovoltaic industry in China, Solarthon took advantage of the situation, based on the resource advantages of Solarthon's internationalization and overseas localization, as well as the strong supply chain advantages, to fully start the development of new energy business.

Solarthon has developed and optimized a suite of solutions and automated project management tools for various overseas markets, focusing on the application scenarios of residential terminals. At the Canton Fair, Solarthon photovoltaic system solutions, energy storage inverters, batteries, household storage units, portable outdoor power supplies and other products were also heavily exhibited, attracting many exhibitors to stop and visit. Among them, the all-black solar modules adapted to the European household market, meet the aesthetic needs of the European market product at the same time play power generation efficiency, the European market hybrid energy storage inverters and stacked high-voltage batteries for the end consumer to bring flexible power station construction solutions, the product in Germany and Italy by the customer praise. At the same time, Solarthon energy storage equipment debuted at the Canton Fair, exhibiting a series of products such as home energy storage, portable energy storage, and industrial and commercial energy storage.

At this year's Canton Fair, Solarthon will fully showcase its new image of "green energy to implement the great cause of global" zero "carbon", and establish connections with customers around the world, enhance understanding, reach cooperation, break down development barriers, and effectively enhance Solarthon's brand competitiveness and influence in the global market.

In the future, Solarthon will grasp the global low-carbon opportunities, continue to deepen scientific and technological innovation, adhere to quality technology, constantly innovate the development model, accelerate the integration and expansion of new businesses, promote Solarthon to higher quality and more efficient development, and contribute to the global energy green transformation and sustainable development.Contact Us!

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