Solar use is gradually wide. So we have to use the LifePO4 battery. Why do we choose to use Lifepo4?

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LifePO4 Due to its abundant raw resources, low cost, good cyclicity, high safety, high theoretical compared to other lithium -ion battery positive materials, it has moderate advantages. The material stands out, making it show vast application prospects in various aspects such as electric vehicles and solar products. Many experts and scholars by the electrical chemical community believe that it is possible to replace LICOO2 and become a new generation of lithium -ion battery positive materials, which has great development potential.

If you need to support the power supply from the inverter solar system. We can configure it as much as possible. Usually we all use a large -capacity Lifepo4 battery. Eg, we will use 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery,12v lifepo4 battery 100ah,12v 100ah battery lifepo4 for big size inverter solar system. In fact, these are the same. The same products are the same. It's just the place where the placement is different. If you are looking for solar Lifepo4 batteries. You can contact us whether you have specific parameters. We have professional engineers to provide a plan for you. We are the factory that can provide a preferential factory price for you.

100ah 12v lifepo4 battery,12v lifepo4 battery 100ah,12v 100ah battery lifepo4

100ah 12v lifepo4 battery,12v lifepo4 battery 100ah,12v 100ah battery lifepo4

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