Solar photovoltaic panels have a 25-year lifespan ?

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Anyone with a little understanding of photovoltaics can give the answer: 25 years.

However, I believe that many people have doubts about this answer.

Photovoltaic is an emerging industry, and its wide-scale application time is even shorter. For power stations that are exposed to wind and sun all year round, it is doubtful whether the life of solar photovoltaic panels is really 25 years.

We have collected a series of data, which fully shows that there is no problem with the life of solar photovoltaic panels for 25 years or more.

The construction of photovoltaic power plants began in Europe and the United States.

In 2014, the UK's first grid-connected PV system was again fully tested after 20 years of operation, and the results showed that the system was still maintaining 95% of the power generation rate of the initial installation 20 years ago.

This system is a 2.16kW photovoltaic array, which was connected to the grid on July 27, 1994, with 36pcs of complete 60W polycrystalline modules.

Twenty years later, the company retested the array. The tests included the module's full IV curve, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, and measured solar irradiance and module backside temperature. Based on the test results, compare the power test data of the components at the initial factory installation.

The above graph shows that after 20 years, the module power has only 5% decay. The entire system was able to produce 80 percent of the system's initial power output, despite trees growing near the array and shadows from debris.

In the past 20 years, the system has generated 33,000 kWh without any failure.

The person in charge of the project installation company said: This first photovoltaic system, which has been running for 20 years, can continue to serve for at least 20 years!

Therefore, the quality problems of photovoltaic modules now seen are related to human factors and control factors, rather than photovoltaic technology itself. There is no problem with the life of solar photovoltaic panels for 25 years or more.

After talking about the quality, let's look at the price

photovoltaic panels price is 0.2 dollars for Polysilicon solar panel price, 0.25 dollars for Monocrystalline, average price of 100W solar panels is 20 dollars

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