Distributed application of 100KW+ ultra-high power photovoltaic power station in Congo, Africa

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In 2019, Solarthon successfully won a 100KW solar photovoltaic power generation system and held a long-term strategic cooperation plan in Congo, Africa

At the installation site, leading enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries, in line with the tenet of maximizing customer value, promoting the progress of module technology, increasing power, and reducing the cost of distributed photovoltaic projects, follow the principle of "cooperating, supporting each other, developing together, and cooperating together. Based on the principle of "win-win", we will combine our advanced technological advantages in module products, inverters, etc., to actively expand the boundaries of cooperation between the two parties, and innovate cooperation models in terms of projects, products, technical exchanges, scientific research and development, and market promotion. Resource sharing to speed up the leap-forward development of distributed photovoltaics; through the construction of a 100KW+ distributed application system, to promote the upgrading of the distributed industrial structure, to achieve a clean, efficient and low-carbon energy structure for the government and industry and commerce, and to continuously improve the level of low-carbon energy consumption in distributed scenarios.


The successful installation of the project means the inevitable trend of 100KW+ solar photovoltaic power generation system. The upstream and downstream parties in the industry have also provided the most solid guarantee for the application of ultra-high-power modules in distributed scenarios. The new energy era of distributed solar photovoltaic inverters . All parties in this cooperation will work together to help the county to promote policies and realize the realization of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".

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