Difference Between Solar Inverter and Hybrid Inverter

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As we all know, inverters are designed to convert direct current to alternating current. To generate electricity from a panel, it definitely needs to go through a solar inverter.

Both solar inverters and hybrid inverters are widely used to convert photovoltaic solar energy into electricity. Even partial hybrid inverters can use a combination of solar and wind, or off-grid and grid-tied.

What we call a generalized solar inverter is not just an inverter. It is not easy to explain its purpose literally, because there are differences in the scope of their use, such as function, structure, technology, and even design

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For example, the solar inverter can be a pure sine wave inverter/modified sine wave inverter, an off-grid solar inverter or a grid-tied solar inverter, a single-phase solar inverter or a three-phase solar inverter, etc. .

Therefore, we can simply understand it as the inverter connected to the photovoltaic solar system, that is, the solar inverter.

And it is used in most areas. Solar inverters are more commonly referred to as battery backup inverters or battery inverters, and the electrical energy converted from photovoltaic solar energy  stored by a battery pack. After that, all power is supplied to the AC/DC load from the battery side through the connected inverter.

1 kw solar system price,1 kw hybrid solar system,1 kw hybrid solar inverter

In other words, a solar inverter battery transfers electrical energy from the charger to the load or grid. And most battery backup inverters are able to provide AC power in the event of a power outage or power outage.

The hybrid inverter is an upgrade based on the solar inverter. It contains the functionality of a solar inverter to convert DC to AC and also adds built-in solar controllers like MPPT or PWM types. So, to be precise, a hybrid inverter is a solar inverter with a built-in charge controller. It can also be a combination of off-grid and grid-tied inverters in one machine, the description of which is the same as that of a hybrid inverter.

So what are their prices?

1 kw solar system price is 1394 dollars , 2 kw hybrid solar system 1511 dollars, 1 kw hybrid solar inverter can bear bulbs ,solar fans ,computer, printer,TV and Sound.

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