Advantages of Lead-acid Lithium Batteries

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Origin of lithium battery

The origin of lithium batteries can be traced back to the early 20th century. In 1912, the lithium metal battery was first proposed and studied by Gibert N.Lewis. However, because the chemical characteristics of lithium metal are very active, the processing, preservation and use of lithium metal have very high environmental requirements, so lithium batteries have not been applied for a long time.

By the 1970s, M.S. hittingham proposed and began to study lithium-ion batteries. This battery uses carbon material as a negative electrode, with lithium compounds as a positive electrode, in the charge and discharge process, no metal lithium exists, only lithium ions, which is a lithium-ion battery. With the development of science and technology, lithium-ion batteries have become the mainstream.


Lithium lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries differentiation

1. Composition and properties: The main component of lead-acid lithium battery is lithium carbonate, which is generally white or white powder and has hygroscopic property. The main component of lithium batteries is lithium, which is usually presented as orange or blue-green crystals, and also has hygroscopic properties.

2. Use: Lead-acid lithium battery can be used for battery drive, and can also be used for electrolysis after opening the battery. Lithium batteries are mainly used for lithium conversion, and generally cannot be used for battery drive or to open a switch.

3. Electrode performance: lithium lead-acid battery is an electrode, and lithium battery is an independent battery type.

4. Safety and toxicity: Lead-acid lithium battery has high sealing and safety performance, but it has a certain toxicity, if accidentally exposed, may lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, in serious cases may damage the kidney. Lithium batteries are relatively toxic, but if not properly operated, there may be safety risks.

5. Energy density and volume: The energy density of lead-acid lithium batteries is low, resulting in poor endurance of electric vehicles, while its volume is larger. The lithium battery has a high energy density, can provide longer driving range, and is relatively small in size and light in weight, making the carrying capacity and endurance of electric vehicles enhanced.

6. Price and maintenance: The price of lead-acid batteries is relatively low, which reduces the overall cost of electric vehicles, and its maintenance is relatively simple. The production requirements of lithium batteries are high, the cost is high, resulting in higher prices, and its structure is complex, requiring professional maintenance.

7. Service life: The service life of lead-acid lithium batteries is generally long, which can reach 2-3 years. The service life of lithium batteries is relatively short, generally 1-2 years.

In general, lithium lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries have significant differences in composition, use, electrode performance, safety and toxicity, energy density and volume, price and maintenance, and service life. Which battery to choose depends on factors such as the specific application needs and budget.


Solar Battery Purchasing Guide

1.According to the purpose to choose the appropriate lithium batteries, Anern lithium batteries cover the family or industrial and commercial and other different applications such as the needs of the environment, you can contact us to get the most appropriate solar solution.

2.Focus on the core parameters of the product: nominal capacity, weight, power, efficiency, lifespan, ambient temperature range and battery cells used. These important parameters can assess the quality of the battery to a certain extent.

3.Check the appearance and packaging of the product after purchasing a sample. Appearance is deceptive, but you can also screen out some inferior products from the appearance.

4.Test the internal resistance and maximum current, the fastest way to judge the performance of lithium battery is to test the internal resistance and maximum discharge current. Good quality lithium batteries, internal resistance is very small, and the maximum discharge current is very large.

5.Detection of charged work, generally with high-quality protection plate lithium battery quality is better than ordinary lithium batteries. In the process of lithium battery charged work, continuous discharge for about 10 minutes, the battery poles are not hot for lithium batteries with high quality protection plate, and the battery protection plate system is perfect.

6.Consider the technical strength of the manufacturer and choose a reliable brand. Anern has been deeply involved in the solar industry for 14 years, with over 30,000 square meters of production plants and extensive experience in the industry.新款铅改铝_08

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